Longshore work in Sand Point

Posted on: April 14th, 2014 | Author: General Manager | Filed under: Community Window, Employment Opportunity

Longshore work in Sand Point

If you are interesting in loading 44 lb boxes of frozen fish on board the large blue vessel anchored in the harbor please send

us your contact information by email to: sandpointwork@gmail.com

This is very hard work. Many of the locals that have done this work recently said it was the hardest work they have ever done.

The pay starts at $24.00/hr and after 8 hours pay increases to time and one half or $36.00/hr.

Each job usually lasts about 12-13 hours. If you want to give this a try please remember to bring plenty of water and a few

sandwiches to your first job. On a 12 hour shift you can expect to move about 80,000 lbs of frozen fish per person.