AEBSD Scholarship Program for the 2014-2015 Academic Year

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Download AEBSD’s 2014-2015 Scholarship Announcement (PDF) or read it below.

Aleutians East Borough School District
P.O. Box 429, Sand Point, Alaska 99661
Ph. 907-383-5222 FAX 907-383-3496
Serving the children in the Alaskan communities of:
Akutan, Cold Bay, False Pass, King Cove, Nelson Lagoon, and Sand Point

Doug Conboy, Superintendent

AEBSD Scholarship Program

2014-2015 Academic Year

The Aleutians East Borough School District is offering scholarships to help you achieve your goals.
We are anxious to receive your application!

These scholarships are open to ALL DISTRICT GRADUATES, regardless of current enrollment
status. Applicants need not be currently enrolled in high school or post-secondary studies. This
year’s program will operate similar to those in the past. Please read the following instructions:

o Send a letter of interest addressed to School Board Members asking for scholarship
assistance. Include contact information (mailing address and e-mail).

o Include a maximum of two letters of recommendation from teachers, school
administrators, counselors, deans or other officials of your school or place of

o Include the most currofficial transcript of your school work. If Fall of
2013 is your most recent available transcript, that will suffice. College students and
high school seniors will not have spring grades or transcripts by the deadline, so it is
expected that the mid-year grade report is the latest official grades that you can send
us. If you are not currently enrolled in school, some report from your employer or
counselor would be helpful.

o Include a 350 to 700 word essay describing your educational achievements in high
school (or college if applicable), your interests, and the career direction you are
considering or are already pursuing.

In addition to the District scholarships, each Advisory School Committee will have scholarships to
award to students. All submitted scholarship materials received by the District Office will be copied
and shared with the Advisory School Committees.

APPLICATION DEADLINE: All applications must be received by the District Office by 4 p.m. on
Friday, April 25, 2014. Scholarship winners will be notified in writing sometime after the local
graduation ceremonies in May where they are publicly and formally announced.

If you have any questions, please contact Jade Cromer, Executive Secretary at
(907) 383-5222 or
You can also find this posting on our website at