City Of Sand Point-Preliminary Results

Posted on: October 5th, 2011 | Author: General Manager | Filed under: Community Window

City Of Sand Point

General Election-October 4, 2011

**Preliminary Results**

Office Of Mayor

Martin Gundersen                   79

Dennis McGlashan Jr.             58

William Dushkin Sr.                  20

Alvin Osterback Jr.                   19


Seat B

Allen Starnes                              99

Danny Cumberlidge                 79

Write-ins                                       2


Seat D

Jack Foster Jr.                          133

Jason Bjornstad                         45

Write-ins                                      1

**There are 62 Absentee Ballots including Personal Representative (if all the by-mail ones are returned by Friday) and 4 questioned ballots (if permitted) to be counted by the Canvas Committee.

**Final results will be posted after the the Canvas Committee meets to canvas the ballots on Friday, October 7th at 4PM in the City Council Chambers.