Eastern Aleutian Tribes’ Monthly Update – March 2014

Posted on: April 2nd, 2014 | Author: Virgil | Filed under: Community Window

Download Eastern Aleutian Tribes’ Update to Communities for March, 2014 (pdf). Courtesy of Jennifer Harrison, Executive Director for EAT.

o Upcoming RASU Village Visits:

o Village Docs
– False Pass/Nelson Lagoon: Dr. Elison on May 19-27th
– King Cove: Dr. Sanders on June 2-4th
– Cold Bay: Dr. Sanders on June 5-6th
– Sand Point: Dr. Hartman on June 8-12th
– False Pass: Dr. Leoncio on June 8-10th
– Nelson Lagoon: Dr. Leoncio on June 11-13th

o Optometry
– False Pass: Nazly Mofidi on April 21-25th
– King Cove: Grant Humphreys on May 19-23rd (need to double check)

o SCF Dental
o Sand Point: Dr. Lukes on April 28-May 9th

o Upcoming EAT Dentist/DHAT Village Visits:
• Dentist – Sand Point: March 14 – 28th
• DHAT – Akutan: May
• Dentist – Sand Point: May 19-28th

o Upcoming Emergency Management Services Classes:
• ETT – Adak: April 19-26th

o Upcoming Diabetes Clinic:
• Sand Point: April 14, 2014