KSDP State Capital Grant Request for King Cove Translator

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Legislative Finance Capital Project

Project Title: Aleutian Peninsula Broadcasting, Inc. – King Cove Public Radio Service
TPS Number: 51445
Priority: 1

Agency: Commerce, Community and Economic Development
Grants to Named Recipients (AS 37.05.316)
Federal Tax ID: XX-XXXXXXX
Grant Recipient: Aleutian Peninsula Broadcasting, Inc.
State Funding Requested: $38,000
One-Time Need
Brief Project Description:

830AM KSDP Radio / Aleutian Peninsula Broadcasting, Inc. in Sand Point is applying for
funds to improve the weak radio signal in King Cove. Currently, few in King Cove can hear
the radio.

Funding Plan:
Total Cost of Project: $38,000

Detailed Project Description and Justification:

The proposed project enables radio listeners in King Cove, Alaska to hear 830AM KSDP
Radio / Aleutian Peninsula Broadcasting, Inc., a public radio station licensed to Sand Point,
Alaska. At present, KSDP repeats on a translator in King Cove. However, the translator is
poorly positioned (it was relocated several years ago before KSDP used it) and restricted to
just thirty watts of power. These two factors make it impossible, or very difficult for people in
King Cove to listen to the radio. The proposed plan resolves the problem. 830AM KSDP
Radio / Aleutian Peninsula Broadcasting, Inc. is the only radio station King Cove residents
have available to them and most of them cannot hear it. KSDP is a twenty-four hour, class
B station licensed to Sand Point, Alaska. The radio station supports a staff of three people
and airs more than two hours of local programming each weekday. Additionally, the radio
station provides listeners with programs from NPR News in Washington, D.C. These
programs include “All Things Considered,” “Car Talk,” and “Morning Edition.” The radio

station also airs NPR News followed by an extensive marine weather report at the top of

each hour. The station’s capital grant request makes sense because it expands the reach of

an existing service with a one time capital grant. Item Qty Cost Crown FM300T Transmitter 1
$ 8,000.00 Shively 6812-2R-SS.5 Transmit Antenna 1 $ 5,000.00 Transmission Line Andrew
LDF4-50A 100′ $ 1,000.00 Includes connectors, hangers grounding kits, etc Rohn 45 Tower
sections and misc hardware 30′ $ 2,000.00 Includes house bracket and tilt up base Tower
Foundation (Local Labor) $ 3,000.00 Assumes 4′ square 4′ deep hole filled with concrete
Tower Erection (Local Labor) $ 2,000.00 Equipment Rack 1 $ 2,000.00 AC Power
Conditioner – Sola 1 $ 2,000.00 Lightning Protection, Telco and Antenna – Polyphaser 1 $

500.00 Miscellaneous Installation Hardware $ 1,000.00 Equipment Installation $ 10,000.00
FCC Application $ 1,500.00 Total $ 38,000.00

Project Timeline:

830AM KSDP Radio / Aleutian Peninsula Broadcasting, Inc. expects that the project
envisioned in this proposal could be completed within a twelve month period.

Entity Responsible for the Ongoing Operation and Maintenance of this Project:

Aleutian Peninsula Broadcasting, Inc.

Grant Recipient Contact Information:

Name: Kells Hetherington
Address: 100 Main Street
Sand Point, AK 99661

Phone Number: (907)383-5737

Email: gm@ksdpradio.com

This project has been through a public review process at the local level and it is a
community priority.

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