KSDP’s 5 Questions: Aleutians East Borough Mayoral Candidates

Posted on: September 29th, 2017 | Author: Virgil | Filed under: Aleutians East Borough, Community Window


KSDP sat down with the Mayoral Candidates for the Aleutians East Borough & asked them the following questions.

1. What made you decide to run for Mayor?

2. What is the greatest need you see in the Borough?

3. If elected as Mayor, how would you help prepare the Borough for the future?

4. What issue do you believe isn’t being given enough attention by the Borough?

5. We’re facing a shrinking school district in the Borough coupled with a reduced State capital budget for facilities upgrades & maintenance. As Mayor, what approach would you take to help the district maintain the best educational environment possible under these circumstances?

Download Stanley Mack’s interview (MP3, 4MB).

Download Alvin Osterback Sr.’s interview (MP3, 3MB).