Lauretta MacBeth is releasing a new 10 song CD based on her love for Sand Point and Alaska!

Posted on: December 30th, 2013 | Author: General Manager | Filed under: Community Window, KSDP Programs

Golden Laureate Productions is proud to announce the release of former KSDP Radio Station Manager, Singer/Songwriter Lauretta MacBeth’s first 10 song Album/CD. “ALASKA GIRLS ROCK!”
Ms MacBeth’s CD is a lively combination of Rock, Pop and Jazz all inspired by life in Alaska. Songs like Taxi Dance, Bomb a Mama, High Octane, Alaska Town , Angel in a Bustier and Mama Rides a Harley. The title song “Alaska Girls Rock!” was inspired by the negative comments of comic David Letterman and Tina Fey.

“Sara Palin is a home girl. I couldn’t just sit there and let them get away with it. There are places in Alaska you can see Russia from your kitchen. So I wrote the song, made a video and sent it to Dave Letterman as a mild form of protest. Although he hasn’t invited me on his show (Yet) he did start following me on twitter.

The album is the inspiration for MS. MacBeth’s new Novel and Musical of the same name based on her Diaries. The Novel is scheduled for release this spring and the Musical is tentativly scheduled for the next winter season and will be staged in Anchorage, Alaska at the Performing Arts Center.

Lauretta is the Grand Daughter of John Beaton who on Christmas Day 1908 discovered the great Iditarod Gold Strike, Alaska’s largest gold discovery. Which resulted in the building of the famous Iditarod Trail

Lauretta grew up gold mining with her Dad, She enjoys dog mushing, horse back riding, and kayaking. Lauretta use to commute to work in Sand Point everyday by kayak. Beside Managing KSDP she also served as President of Aleutian Peninsula Broadcasting.

“My first job in Sand Point was Halibut fishing on the New Dawn.
I had worked in Homer off MacDonald Spit set netting before that. During a Blizzard in March I, my sister, her husband and a friend built a cabin in the Caribou hills area out of Homer. One of the best time of my life.”

Ms. MacBeth wanted the first release of ‘Alaska Girls Rock!” for Sand Point.

“I fell in love with Sand Point. I came right after I found out that Sand Point was Alaska best kept secret. I had originally been hire by Trident but when I got in the man who hired me had gone on vacation. So when the skipper of the New Dawn offered me a job Halibut fishing I was a little hesitant. “Why would you hire me I asked? “Well! I was going to take my sister and you can’t be any worse than her.” I said okay and the rest is history.”

“Sand Point did so much for me I wanted a way to give back. A percentage of all CD’s sold in Sand Point will be donated to KSDP. ”

The CD’s sells for ten dollars and can be purchased at KSDP.

To all my friends in Sand Point I leave you with a familiar sign off……”Go out and make it a great Day!”14258_30587