Local IDIDA podcast winners

Posted on: January 30th, 2012 | Author: Virgil | Filed under: Community Window, iDida Contest

Middle School and Elementary: Logan Thompson won for the Elementary students and Griffen Lee won for the Middle School students.

High School: Marissa Williams won for High School and Troy Bousley was Overall Best.

Download (mp3, 1.8MB) or Stream Marissa’s podcast: [audio:http://apradio.org/news/wp-content/themes/BLANK-Theme/mp3/idida/marissa-idida-ksdp-aebsd.mp3]

Download (mp3, 1.8MB) or Stream Troy’s podcast: [audio:http://apradio.org/news/wp-content/themes/BLANK-Theme/mp3/idida/troy-idida-ksdp-aebsd.mp3]