MP3 + PDF: Aleutians East Borough Assembly Meeting – Nov, 9th, 2017

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Download the audio from the Assembly Meeting here (MP3, 28 MB).



Aleutians East Borough Assembly Meeting
Thursday, November 9, 2017
Workshop: 1:00 p.m.
Meeting: 3:00 p.m.


1. Roll Call & Establishment of Quorum.
2. Adoption of the Agenda.
3. Community Roll Call and Public Comment on Agenda Items.
4. Minutes.
– September 22, 2017 Assembly Meeting Minutes.
– October 16, 2017 Special Assembly Meeting Minutes.
5. Financial Reports.
– September, October, Financial Reports.
– September, Investment Report.
6. Consent Agenda.
– Introduction Ordinance 18-02, Borough Administrator.
– Introduction Ordinance 18-03, Amending Title 3 to add 3.02.031, Surplus Property.
– Resolution 18-06, recognizing Stanley Mack for his dedicated service to the Aleutians East Borough.
– Resolution 18-07, a resolution of the Aleutians East Borough Assembly supporting the City of Cold Bay’s preschool program and authorizing the mayor to provide financial assistance in an amount not to exceed $13,500.
– Resolution 18-08, a resolution of the Aleutians East Borough Assembly authorizing the mayor to negotiate and execute a helicopter services amendment with Maritime Helicopters, Inc. to add an Akutan airport operations support services assistant (“ticket agent”) position to the contract.
– Resolution 18-09, a resolution of the Aleutians East Borough nominating Resource Director, Ernie Weiss for reappointment to the NPFMC Advisory Panel.
– Resolution 18-10, Assembly supporting the AMHS proposed 2018 summer sailing schedule and requesting additional dedicated space for vehicles traveling on the M/V/ Tustemena beyond Kodiak.
– Resolution 18-11, Assembly in support of soliciting letters of interest from residents to participate in the Aleutian Islands Waterways Safety Committee and authorizing the mayor to select an individual(s) to represent the Borough.
– Resolution 18-12, authorizing the Mayor to negotiate and execute a Memorandum of Agreement between the AEB and the City of King Cove Access Project.
7. Public Hearings.
– Public Hearing Ordinance 18-01, amending the operating and capital budget for FY17 (final).
8. Resolutions.
9. Old Business.
10. New Business.
– Discussion of fisheries analyst position.
– Donation Requests.
– Designate a person to fill vacant Assembly Seat G.
11. Reports and Updates.
12. Assembly Comments.
13. Public Comments.
14. Next Meeting Date.
15. Adjournment.