Robert E. Galovin Small Boat Harbor Renovation

Posted on: July 22nd, 2013 | Author: General Manager | Filed under: Community Window

During the rebuild of the Robert E. Galovin Small Boat Harbor, scheduled to start September 2013 and be completed in January 2014, the City asks that you do not enter into the harbor with any bags of Pollock as this is a welcome sign for the sea lions. Any sea lion in the harbor will bring construction to a halt. We need YOU, the fishers, to work with us (the City and the construction company, Pacific Pile and Marine) to make the rebuild go as smoothly as possible and be completed in a timely fashion.

Also, when the rebuild starts, there will be a lot of shuffling of boats. Chances are, you will have to use the transient float at the new harbor and there may be times you will have to raft up. This may seem like a big inconvenience, however, in order to have the rebuild completed as quickly as possible, we are asking for your help and cooperation.