Sand Point Schools Friday Flyer for 02/17/12

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Monday: Ham Wraps, Soup, Veggies, Tropical
Fruit, Milk
Tuesday: Beef Curry, Rice, Corn, Rolls Peaches,
Wednesday: Tuna Casserole, Bread Sticks,
Broccoli, Pineapples, Milk
Thursday: Cheeseburger Dips, Salad, Fruit, Milk
Friday: French Toast, Sausage, Mandarin Oranges,
Peaches, Milk


24th-26th- Sand Point Boys @ King Cove
King Cove Girls @ Sand Point

There will be an admission fee of $1 for students
and $2 for adults. There is no fee for babies or
Senior Citizens. See you all here!
**There will also be concessions by the Student
Council and a Desert Auction sponsored by the
Senior Class.

25 %
Trenten, Carson, Alexia
Jesse, Steven, Alena
Mason, Joseph, Saylor
Faith, Parker, Paige
Anthony, Lindsey, George
Joseph, Boston, Kenneth
Justina, Alex, Julia
50 %
Arlin, Kyla, Eliana, Edmond,
Brittany, Kailey, Payton,
Michael, Marieana, Savannah
Nathaniel, Chancler,
Julianne, Brooke, Hawk,
Jeremy, Ashthon, Emmanuel
Devin, Nicole, Michael
75 %
Mathew, Taylor
Karl, Logan
Dick, Isaac
Rowan, Emily, Acey
100 %
Griffen, Dantezza
Joshua, Josh
Jermaine, Wolf
Mr. Reilly welcomes students to
‘Extra Help Saturdays’.
He will be in his classroom from 9-11:00 every Saturday morning, to help any 5th or 6th
grade students with lessons as well as give them an opportunity to make up any missed
homework or class work. There will be a Cheerios break at 10:00, and I-Pad free time will
be from 10:15-11:00. Mr. Reilly reminds parents that he distributes a grade sheet every
Monday, and to drive their child to ‘Extra Help Saturdays,” if they feel their child’s
grades are not satisfactory.
Girl’s Basketball Team Raffle
The Sand Point Girl’s Basketball Team is
selling raffle tickets. Prizes include:
PenAir ticket, iPad 2, and Trident gas
cards. The tickets are $10.00 each and
can be purchased from any of the girls
on the team. The drawing will be held at
our home game on February 24th.
After one of our biggest snow blizzards in Sand Point our students returned to school all ready to go for the District Battle
of the Books. A Battle of 54 book titles was fought amongst the best of our readers.
We had tiebreaker rounds with more questions than the regular 16-battle questions. Concentration and staying on the top of
their game our high school team came out with a glorious victory. Our 3rd-4th grade team needed to give the victory flag
over to Cold Bay. The 5th-6th grade team was declared the winner without a battle because there was no competition from
the entire district. The 6th-8th grade team showed good effort of working together during their battle and were edged
out of being the winners by one question.
I was very happy to see these kids to do the battles. I’m proud of their performances. I hope they all continue to read,
because as I always state the truth of the fact: “READERS ARE WINNERS!”
Our teams that battled were:
Edmond, Eliana, Logan, Acey, Jermaine for the 3rd-4th grade, Brittany, Griffen, and Joseph for the 5th-6th grade,
Dantezza, Wolf, Payton and Ashlyn for the 6th-8th grade and representing the High School
was Jillian, Chloe, Marissa W. (Geoff may join them at the State Battle)
Good luck with the State Battles and all future battles!
Marta Varga