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(The proposed project below was submitted to the Alaska Public Broadcasting Capital Grants Program.)

September 6, 2008


Scope of Work

1. Supply and install MET station with full commercial level wind monitoring – wind speed and direction, temperature, barometric pressure, and relative humidity – complete with Campbell Scientific data logging and remote monitoring.

2. Support MET system and collect wind data for a 12 month period

3. Analyze data using Windographer analysis software and produce full range of wind resource reports. Report to include projected power production performance analysis for selected turbines.

This quotation includes two options. The first is a study using a 30 meter tower and monitoring two levels (10m and 30m) would suffice for establishing wind data for the proposed KSDP Radio Station wind turbine project. Since there are several fixed costs to a MET study and other aspects that have a fixed cost element, I have also included the option for the same 12 month study, but using a 50 meter tower and expanding the data collection to three layers (10m, 30m, and 50m). The option would establish a more complete profile with relevance for projects using larger turbines with greater hub heights. Since there is no wind data for the Sand Point area that is relevant for wind turbine projects, expanding the project to include the 50 meter level would provide extremely beneficial information regarding future Sand Point wind farm potential.

OPTION 1: Wind Study using the 30 meter tower $ 73,800.00

OPTION 2: Wind Study using the 50 meter tower $ 87,400.00

This quote is valid for 30 days.

We appreciate the opportunity to quote on this project.