January 15, 2007 KSDP Meeting Minutes

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Aleutian Peninsula Broadcasting, Inc.

KSDP Radio   PO Box 328   Sand Point, Alaska 99661   Phone: (907) 383-5737   Fax: (907) 383-5271

Special Meeting of the Board of Directors

KSDP Broadcast Center, Sand Point City Hall

Monday, January 15, 2007

7:00 P.M.


Call to Order

The meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m.

Roll Call

Directors Present: Edi Hodges (Hodges) Wayne Hodges (WHodges), Nora Newman

Staff Present: Kells Hetherington, Linda Brown

Public Present: David Modde, Ina Modde, Shawn Hill, Susie Hill, Mayor Glen Gardner, Patricia Curtis, Dennis Gundersen, Andria Gundersen, George Kromer, Jeremy Krone, Daisy Krone, Christine Mack, Joe Shoemaker, Susan Shoemaker, Chelsea Shoemaker, Amber Shoemaker.

Approval of Agenda

Hodges moved to approve the agenda as presented.  Hetherington disapproved stating that this was not the meeting he had organized.  Hetherington stated that the Board was illegal and left the meeting at approximately 7:05 p.m.

New Business

Vacant Board Seats

A discussion was held regarding the two empty seats on the Board, the fact that there has been neither a membership drive or election in two years, and the legality of the Board.  Hodges stated that she had contacted Jaime Waste of Alaska Public Broadcasting who advised the Board to rectify the situation.  Hodges admitted that the Board was “at fault for no membership drive.”  More discussion followed regarding: conflict of interest, nepotism, lack of information to the public regarding radio membership and Board membership.

ACTION: Patricia Curtis and Susie Hill volunteered to temporarily fill the two Board positions that were open on the condition that the Board agree to restrict its actions to keeping the station up and running and moving forward with the membership drive and Board elections for all five Board seats.  The Board agreed to this and expressly agreed to make no radical changes at the radio station such as hiring or firing an employee.

Public Comments & Discussion

The public expressed outrage at the situation.  Sand Point Mayor Glenn Gardner pressed the question about when the Board had been last elected.  Members of the Board finally admitted that they had not been elected by a vote of the membership in years.

Gardner asked the Board to explain additional forty plus thousand dollars paid to the previous general manager.  Wayne Hodges became very upset and began banging on the table and yelling at the mayor.  The mayor responded, “Take a pill.”  At this point police Chief Joe Shoemaker present, with his family, was asked by Shawn Hill if he might take action to quite the situation and Hodges settled down.

The question was asked directly to Edi Hodges about a new Baptist pastor having been promised a position at the radio station.  When Hodges failed to answer the question in a satisfactory manner to the person asking the question, the questioner pressed the point further.  Patricia Curtis at that point interrupted to say that Edi had answered the question.  Edi agreed with Curtis and moved on.

These minutes were typed by Shannon Sommer, Administrative Assistant.