MP3: Sand Point Eagles (57) vs the Nikolaevsk Warriors (73)- 02/15/2019 at The Crowley Classic

Posted on: February 15th, 2019 | Author: General Manager | Filed under: 2018 - 2019 Season, AEB School District, Basketball, Community Window

Nikolaevsk kept their lead throughout the game, though Sand Point kept bringing things in close. Towards the end of the fourth quarter the Warriors really pulled away as Sand Point struggled to engage their offense the way we’ve seen them do earlier in the season. More basketball tonight as the Eagles go up against Su-Valley at 8:00 pm!

Final Score: SSand Point Eagles (57) vs the Nikolaevsk Warriors (73) at the 2019 Crowley Classic in Talkeetna, Alaska.

Download the game here (MP3, 11MB):

Game coverage by Karl Pullium of Small Schools Broadcasting & Promotions in Anchorage, Alaska