December 19, 2009 10:00am King Cove T-Jacks vs. Sand Point Eagles

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KSDP’ll have live updates from the game. Be sure to tune in and check back for the final score!

1) Eagles take the first two points of the game! More updates after this first quarter.

2) Score at the end of the first quarter: King Cove 16 – Sand Point 11

3) Score at the end of the second quarter: King Cove 49 – Sand Point 17

4) Score at the end of the third quarter: King Cove 68 – Sand Point 24

5) Final Score: King Cove 78 – Sand Point 34
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Saturday 12/19/2009 10am – King Cove T-Jacks @ Sand Point Eagles

Friday’s game also updated with scoresheet.